What We Offer

Signature Therapeutic Massage

45 minutes: $60
1 hour: $80
75 minutes: $100
90 minutes: $120
105 minutes: $140
2 hours: $160

Therapeutic massage for total wellness with specific attention to your goals in session. Sessions include meeting your therapist before hand to go over medical history and concerns. During the session heat applications will be used, jojoba and CBD oil, as well as aromatherapy upon request. 


Hot Stone Massage

45 minutes: $70
1 hour: $90
75 minutes: $110
90 minutes: $130
105 minutes: $150
2 hours: $170

Basalt stones are heated in water and used  as massage tools on the client to deepen relaxation and promote circulation to your muscles. Warmed muscles release deeper tension quicker than with a traditional massage. The overall experience is very relaxing, nurturing, and rejuvenating.



30 minutes: $50
45 minutes: $65
60 minutes: $85
75 minutes: $105
90 minutes: $125


Reflexology uses techniques of applying specific pressure to areas of the feet, hands, and ears. Hot stones are used during these sessions and benefit many things including; promoting balance in the body systems, stimulating normal body function, allowing for a more restful sleep, as well as for conditions such as plantar fasciitis and other heel and foot conditions.

Chair Massage

15 minutes: $20
30 minutes: $40

Chair massage is a popular choice for someone with a busy schedule because it is quick and doesn't require the client to disrobe. 

It is refreshing and provides a boost for the rest of your day.

Prenatal Massage

45 minutes: $65
60 minutes: $85
75 minutes: $105

For expecting mothers

Side-lying position techniques

Relieve strains

Reduce back and joint pain

Improve sleep

Reduce swelling 

Promotes hormonal regulation


Add-On Service

30 minutes: $40

Reflexology or a Scalp Massage added to another service to elevate your wellness practice even further.